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Donor Boost

Explore the opportunities for non-profits!

  • Exclusive Savings for Non-Profits

    • Lowest pricing available guaranteed with our 7|7|7 pricing plan for non-profits. No on can beat our plan: $7 per month, $0.07 transaction fee and 7 basis points! 
    • Discounted rates on our donor management software RhinoNP
    • Discounted rates for any of our Gulf Management Systems platforms

  • Donor Boo$t Enrollment

    • Automatically enrolled in Donor Boo$t upon signing up. 
    • 40% of the revenue generated from Donor Boo$t is reinvested in the community to non-profits. 
    • Build a merchant network: the larger the network, the more you can earn back! 
    • When you encourage your donors to visit merchants in your network. Both the non-profit and the merchant benefit! 

What is Donor BOO$T?

Let's Us Explain!

DonorBOO$T is a no-cost service designed to help non-profit companies build a network of merchants. Your merchants are guaranteed to save money with their credit card processing. 

  • 40% of DonorBOO$T revenue is reinvested in the community primarily to the enrolled non-profits. The funds are given as either monthly payouts or annual gifts. Depending on the size of your network qualifies your non-profit for 10% plus for donations! 
  • Direct your donors to your merchant network and everyone wins! Your donors, your merchants, and your non-profit! 

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